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Travel and Tourism games in HoChiMinh City – Special tours

  • VENUE: LOCAL SUPPER MARKET. Activity: – Each team receives one SUDOKU puzzle with some hidden given-digits (A, B, C, D, E). In order to solve the SUDOKU puzzle, teams need to find the hidden given-digits (A, B, C, D, E) first. Those hidden given-digits can be found on the price tag of the items in the TAX Trading Center.

    Racing to TAX Trading Center, try to find (A, B, C, D, E) as fast as possible then manage to solve the SUDOKU puzzle.

  • VENUE: OPERA HOUSE. Activity: After finishing the SUDOKU puzzle, teams will receive a Box containing 4 sample pictures that indicate 4 landmarks of HCMC Center. Each team has to find out the 4 landmarks then take team photos (by your own digital devices) that should imitate exactly the sample pictures.

    Complete this mission by showing the Facilitators your own 4 photos while back to STATION 1. Then you will be given Clue for the STATION 2.

  • CHALLENGE 1-SINGING FOLKSONG. Each team takes turn to learn one Vietnamese folk song from the native Facilitators who will sing the song twice. The teams have to record the sample performance by one’s own digital devices then practice and make their own performances. Each performance will be evaluated by the smooth and accuracy of melody and lyric. If your team gets the permission from the Facillitators, you can move up-OR ELSE, you have to practice more and do the performance again and again until you can pass it.

    CHALLENGE 2-Question about Vietnam History: Answer Questions about Vn History then your team can pass the STATION 2.

  • Venue: BUFFET RESTAURANT. To approach your buffet lunch and CLUE for the 4th station, each team have to pass the Specialties Challenge. Each team must find 3 hidden coins among 50 bowls of Fresh Water Eel-Rice Congee. Whenever your team finds all the 3 coins, you can move to the next Specialties. Next, finish two more specialties-include: Smelly Fish Sauce, Half-Hatched Duck Eggs.

    After that, enjoy your lunch (in at least 45mins). Then Facillitator will provide Clues for the STATION 4.

  • Venue: BEN THANH MARKET. Teams head to Ben Thanh Market to look for Facilitators. After catching the facillitators, teams will be given 03 items which they have to sell to people around Ben thanh market. The Facillitator Leader welcomes the teams to Ben Thanh Market. Giving each team 03 items and their selling prices. Each team must sell those 03 items to pass-by tourists (Negotiating with other teams to buy or sell the items is not allowed).

    When mission is accomplished, teams receive CLUE for STATION 5-move to STATION 5 by taxi.

  • VENUE: LACQUERWARE WORKSHOP The Facillitator Leader welcomes the teams to The Lacquerware Factory. Each team will be guided to make a piece of eggshell-mosaic. Teams have to complete your own masterpiece later then.

    After finishing, teams can take some photos and then, will be provided CLUE to transfer to STATION 6 by taxi.

  • VENUE: CENTRAL PARK The Facilitator Leader welcomes the teams to the park.

    Overcoming the first challenge by arranging 20 Vietnam historical photos chronologically (in order of time). If there is any photos put in the wrong place, the team have to queue up and arrange those photos again.

  • VENUE: CENTRAL PARK After finishing the Historical Photo Puzzle, come to the final challenge: River Crossing Game.

    Finish Crossing the River, the teams will be provided QR code for Finish Line. Then try to race back to the Finish Line./.