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Top Cambodia tour packages and Best travel in Cambodia

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Travel to Cambodia is about to start a journey to the most fascinating destinations in Asia. Cambodian people is proud of their rich history, a variety of cultural heritages and many wonders of the ancient world.

Palm Vietnam Travel is one of the best choices for tourists who are looking for a tour throughout this mysterious country. Whether you choose Siem Reap Tour or Phnom Penh Tour, we will help you experience Cambodian in exotic way that you can enjoy visiting almost must-see places possible of Cambodia. From admiring the grandeur of Angkor Wat and Thom or the colonial capital Phnom Penh, even sea lovers can head for the empty beaches in Sihanoukville on the southern coast, which is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun.

We offer various options of Cambodia tour to meet different schedules, specific touring plan and budget. Simply choose a tour in our list to view the detailed itinerary and you can request it today! And in case you haven’t found the tour you are looking for, let us know and our travel experts will customize a special package for you.

There are two distinctive seasons in Cambodia: wet and dry. In the wet, or monsoon, season (May to October) the temple moats around the Temples of Angkor are full, skies can be dramatic, and the rice-fields glimmer when the sun comes out after a brief downpour. It usually only rains for a short time in the afternoon, and does not affect touring. In the dry season (November to March), daytime temperatures are a steady 30-35 degrees and rain is less likely. Roads can get dusty, but you will find it easier to walk through the leafy areas that surround the temples.

Cambodia treats visitors to a wealth of ‘off the beaten path’ locations that unveil the ancient qualities of this rugged country. Emerging as one of Asia’s more compelling capitals, Phnom Penh has transformed itself to gracefully blend a riverfront location with remaining colonial structures and a deeply fascinating history. However Siem Reap remains the most visited destination and is home to picturesque streets full of boutique shops, busy markets and an immense range of eateries to suit all budgets, and of course, the stunning Angkor Wat complex. The coastline of Southern Cambodia is noted for its quiet, tranquil atmosphere and pristine beaches that are still largely undeveloped or overcrowded. In addition to the coastline’s unspoiled beaches and idyllic offshore islands, the area is also home to lush tropical forests and attractive towns such as Kep and Kampot.

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