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Ban flower Festival – Vietnam Festinal travel blog

Posted by: Para Fin on 2014-12-18 03:17:10

Ethnic group: Thai
Other name: Xen Ban Xen Muong
Location: In muong village
Time: 2nd Lunar Month, time of blossom of Ban
Feature: Wishing the prosperous of rice, the bless from God.

Ban flower Festival – Xen Ban, Xen Muong


Legendarily, there was a man named Khum falling in love with a Thai girl named Ban. Khum was good at cultivation and hunting, Ban was good at embroider and singing. However, Ban’s father was greedy on rich so he married his daughter to a son of the village’s chief. Ban couldn’t persuade her father so she ran to Khum’s house to ask for help. Unluckily, Khum followed his father to buy buffalo, therefore she left a handkerchief and come everywhere to find him. She crossed mountains to mountains, then due to her exhausted, she died in a peak. In the place where she died, there is a white flower blossom. Not so long after that, that kind of flower has spread the East North mountains. People named that Ban flower.

After Khum came home, seeing the handkerchief, he knew there is something bad. He ran to find her. He was also exhausted and turned into a bird flying freely in the forest. Each year in the season of Ban flower blossom, people see the bird comes and sing.

Ban flower Festival – Xen Ban, Xen Muong


In this time of the year, youngsters come and meet each other, they sing and play music instruments like gongs and drum. There is also the competition between boys like hunting, shooting.

After this festival, many couples have become husband and wife. They remember the old boy and girl who were not able to be together to live happily.