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Food and Drink in Cambodia – Travel blog

Posted by: Para Fin on 2015-04-10 23:50:10

Angkor Beer – Regional Drinks
As elsewhere in South East Asia, the quality of the food is a draw in its own right. Khmer cuisine shares much with that of both Thailand and China, although it tends to steer clear of excessive use of spices. Quality restaurants are found in all areas that see mainstream tourism, while cheap but tasty food stalls are ubiquitous around the country. Most meals are rice-based.


• Balut (fertilised duck egg. This is possibly the most famous of all the Cambodia dishes. Visitors will see vendors selling what appear to be boiled eggs on their roadside stands and restaurants. These are, however, fertilised and are to be eaten raw, complete with the crunchy baby bird beak, bones and even feathers – if you dare). • Prahok (fermented fish paste, used to flavour many dishes). • Local fruits include banana, coconut, the durian fruit (known for its distinctive odour), jackfruit, longan fruit, lychee, pineapple and rambutan fruit (which has translucent white flesh). • Crispy fried spiders (North Cambodia delicacy). • Amok trey (fish in a thick coconut curry sauce, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed). • Kuy teav (delicious pork stock based rice noodle porridge, eaten for breakfast and thought to originate from China). • Bai cha (Khmer equivalent of seasoned fried rice includes sausage, pork, garlic and herbs). • Kralan ( sticky rice dish wrapped in bamboo and flavoured with sugar and grated coconut). • Lok Lak (stir-fried Cambodian beef dish common all over the country. Often served with fried potatoes and egg). • Mee katang (Cantonese-style noodles often cooked with various meat and vegetables in oyster sauce). • Nom banh chok (curry-style noodles often served with shredded fish, turmeric root, lemongrass, citrus, mint, and chili).

• Pleah sach ko (beef ceviche with garlic, lime and sugar).

Things to know:

Hygiene is something travellers should be aware of when travelling to Cambodia. Roadside street food stalls and restaurants are fun to try but may not have the strictest cleanliness habits. Stick to freshly cooked piping hot foods to avoid sickness.


Tips are appreciated in hotels and restaurants where no service charge has been added, and by tour guides.

Regional drinks:

• Fresh coconut juice. • Green tea. • Rice wine. • Khmer drink (soda water with a squeeze of lemon). • Angkor beer.

• Cambodia beer (it’s positively encouraged to consume Cambodia beer as state charges 10% VAT and 20% special excise tax for every can or bottle of beer sold locally)./.

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