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Lim Festival – Vietnam Festivals travel blog

Posted by: Hong Diep on 2014-12-18 03:17:10

Honoring: Ba King, Mr. Hieu Trung Hau: the one who create the duo of love songs (Quan Ho folk song).
Location: Lim hill, Lim pagoda, Lung Giang commune, Tien Son dist, Bac Ninh province.
Time: 13th – first lunar month.
Feature: Singing Duo of Love songs and make friends.

Quan ho is the special old kind of songs of Bac Ninh province. From the daily manner to the behavior, “Quan Ho people” are moderate and elegant. The tradition of making friends is maintaining the beautiful way of life. Friendships which are made between who have got married are kept for the whole life time.

Lim Festival – Quan Ho Bac Ninh

The songs are performed by two women from one village and two men from another village. There are several songs in different situation such as: invite guest to have drink, bid farewell and promise for the next met. Quan ho festival often sticks on the festival of pagoda in that land. Therefore, pagoda is the place for welcoming and greeting visitors of Quan Ho. From the various kinds of folk songs, Quan Ho inherits, synthesize and develop new tunes.

Coming to Lim festival, people could be able to watch the singing activities in the hill, behind the pagoda, on boat and in the private house. In addition, Lim festival is considered the competition of weave fabric among the girls. They both sing and compete or join in other games such as cock fighting, bird competition, wrestling, etc.

Lim Festival – Quan Ho Bac Ninh

Apart from singing in the hill, on boat, behind the pagoda, there is also another competition which is cooking the vegetable foods. There is always an offering in the mutual of of Lim festival while the singing is on. The pagoda holds a competition for people to cook the vegetable foods for offering to ancestors. In a meal of vegetable food, there are always sticky rice, truncated cone, sesame sweet, soft green-lentil cake, kinds of jam, sour and sweet salad.

Lim festival is worth to be the representative of lyrical folk songs of Vietnam.