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How to get new visa in cambodia entering vietnam

Posted by: Jackie Nguyen on 2015-08-20 23:49:09

Getting a visa for Vietnam while in Phnom Penh is no problem, and in fact, is probably cheaper than in your home country. The cost of visas for Vietnam vary embassy by embassy, but are almost always cheaper to get in Asia, and particularly in Cambodia.

Get visa to visit vietnam in Cambodia

Citizens of most Western countries need to obtain a visa in advance before entering Vietnam. Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Japanese and South Korean citizens can enter Vietnam for 15 days without a visa, and citizens of Cambodia, as well as Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore can visit for 30 days without a visa. Everyone else needs to secure a visa before entering Vietnam.

Despite rumours to the contrary, there are no visa-on-arrival schemes for Vietnam. There are, however, pre-arranged visas that one can purchase online and pickup at certain airports. These visas are often cheaper than the embassy visas. Just Google “Vietnam visa on arrival” to find an agent. Last year, I used with no complaints. If you’re looking for a one- or three-month single or multiple-entry visa, getting one pre-arranged is easy and reliable. Six-month visas are no longer available, either online or at the embassy.

The one option available in Phnom Penh that isn’t available online is a 15-day tourist visa. These can be only obtained through travel agents and not through the embassy directly. In general, going to a travel agent in Phnom Penh will get you a visa in the same amount of time and surprisingly, it’s often significantly cheaper than going directly to the embassy. Travel agents are generally able to offer the service for less because they reportedly shuttle your passport down to the Vietnamese consulate in Sihanoukville (which does the visas super-cheap). There are hundreds of travel agents all over town, so ask around and check prices.

Here are some prices Vietnam visa in Cambodia :

15-day visa Embassy: Does not offer this type. Travel agent: $34-38

1 month visa, single entry Embassy: $45 Travel agent: $39-45

1 month visa, multiple entry Embassy: $70 Travel agent: $55-59

3 month visa, single entry Embassy: $80 Travel agent: $65

3 month visa multiple entry Embassy: $110 Travel agent: $80

You’ll also need one passport photo for all visa types. Visas are typically processed in one to three business days, both by the embassy and through agents. Expect to pay a surcharge for express processing.

source by travelfish

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