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Top 10 Outdoors Experiences in Laos – Travel Blog

Posted by: Para Fin on 2015-08-21 22:02:16

Kuang Si Falls in Laos

Walking around peaceful Kuang Si Falls is a must-do for anyone travelling through the Luang Prabang area. Gentle cascades of water flow into turquoise pools creating a heavenly atmosphere that draws in both tourists and locals keen on some respite from the heat.

2. Play Petanque

Play Petanque

The French game of petanque is a lot like bowls and quite popular with the people of Laos. If you’re lucky enough to come across a group of kids playing this game in the streets, try to join in – it’s fun and simple to play, and free.

3. Beautiful Biking

Laos cycling tour

Hiring a bike and cycling past quiet villages, small farms and rice paddies is a great way to spend an afternoon in Laos, as you can take in stunning scenery, meet locals and get fit all at once.

4. Have a Kick

Have a Kick

Get amongst the action by watching and playing a bit of Sepak Takwar with locals in the parking lots, streets and parks of Laos. This game (which could be described as a hybrid between football and volleyball) is commonly played throughout South-East Asia, and the locals of Laos are no exception.

5. Power To the Paddle

Paddling on the Nam Song River

Paddling a kayak down the Nam Song River is an interesting and energetic way to get active and see the sights of Vang Vieng.

6. Get Back To Nature in Nam Ha

Crossing a river in the Nam Ha

Home to a wide range of rare plant and animal species, this protected area is a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts, bird watchers and animal lovers. The challenging hike through forested terrain provides many rewards in the form of animal spotting and breathtaking scenic vistas.

7. Refreshing River Swim

Refreshing River Swim

Taking a dip in one of Laos’ many rivers is the perfect way to escape the heat on a hot summer’s day.

8. Spiritual Stroll


Taking a leisurely walk around Vientiane’s quirky Buddha Park (also known as Xieng Khuan) is akin to taking an active history, religion and art lesson. Full of Hindu and Buddhist sculptures that depict myths, legends and stories – the giant reclining Buddha is a highlight for most. Surrounding trees, gardens and flowers add to the serenity.

9. Cruise Along an Icon

Cruise Along down the Mekong

Taking a riverboat journey down the Mekong is an iconic journey to savour. Sit on deck, catch the breeze and take photos of the surrounding landscapes as villages, people and mountains glide by.

10. Tough Trek

Tough Trek

Test your fitness against some of Laos’ mountains on a challenging trek. With so much mountainous terrain, there are many different options and places to hike all around Laos – bring your best hiking boots and a sense of adventure.

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