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Myanmar Travel Blog: Interesting Holiday Destination

Posted by: Ms.Jessica on 2015-08-18 21:42:48

In order to choose a holiday destination, people usually choose for themselves a wonderful land to discover, a new culture to investigate, or an interesting cuisine to study. It will be a mistake if tourists overlook ‘the best jade in the world’ Myanmar in their South-East Asia trips or even Asia trips.

Myanmar – a pristine country for discovering

Yangon, Myanmar

Not similar to other countries, Myanmar has just come back into the spotlight of the world in recent years after long isolated period. In facts, at the moment, the authority does not currently focus strongly on tourism. Therefore, the amount of tourist coming to Myanmar is much lower than other countries in the area. This is a reason why when visiting Myanmar;you can feel that they are the very first foreigners who discover this mystical and wonderful place. The blogger of the broke backpacker said after his Myanmar trips, “I felt like I has stepped back 100 years into the past, I felt like a proper explorer”.

It’s true! If you visit the mainland of Myanmar, you can walk through the market and test the tropical fruits; or relaxing with the fresh air in the Park (Kandawgyi Park is a great example); or cycling around the town (Yangon is best place). Moreover, you can also explore cavernous underground temples that are filled by Buddha images and statues as well as some beautiful rock formations. If you come to islands and beaches in the South of Myanmar, you can enjoy coral blue waters, coconut cocktails and perfect sandy beaches.

Myanmar – a delicious cuisine for tasting

Delicious Cuisine in Myanmar

South-East Asia countries are famous with their own food stalls in every corner of the streets, and Myanmar is not an exception. You can have their own experiences to walk through the fresh market, such as: Thein Gyi Market in Yangon; or barbeque street, for example: 19th street in Yangon. As blogger Mark Wiens wrote after his travelling, Myanmar foods are not really famous as Thailand or Korean foods, but it is special in its own way since it is an eclectic mix of Thai, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

Mark Wiens also mentioned about some special foods of Myanmar which maybe you cannot taste in any other countries, including: the tofu salads which at first, you can totally misunderstanding that it is a cheese; lahpet – one type of tea for both drink and eat (yeap! eat, you are not mistaken!); mohinga – rice noodles covered in a fish based soup and sprinkled with deep fried fritters; fish curry – a variant of curry medley of fish; Myanmar version of falooda; or Myanmar version of dosas…

Myanmar – a beautiful culture for enjoying

Person praying at a Buddha, Myanmar

Initially, welcoming culture is the most beautiful in Myanmar. The travel blogger Brenna Holeman said ‘the thing that always stands out the most from my time in Myanmar was how incredibly welcoming and friendly the people were.’ Secondly, many traditional customs in Myanmar are retained and conserved until now. You can notice that there are many women and girls with a yellowish white substance in a street. This substance is a beauty secret of Burmese women, and it is called ‘Thanaka’. Besides, although most of Asia countries, the casual cloth is westernized; “longyi” – the traditional clothes of Myanmar for both women and men – is still a casual costume.

You can not only see “longyi” in the street but also try to fit in this beautiful dress. Thirdly, chewing areca nut is wildly popular in Myanmar. Last but not least, it will be a big mistake if festival is not mentioned here because festival is an important part of cultures. And, if you come to Myanmar, you will not be disappointed. Various festivals are organized and performed in every month. However, there are some most famous festivals: Novitiation ceremony (March and April); Puppet show (pagoda festivals); Thinngyan water festival (April); Nat festival…

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