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Vietnam Travel Blog: About Cai Be Floating Market

Cai Be – a charming town which is only 2 hour drive by car from Saigon, makes it a much preferable tourist draw. It has long been famous with the floating market where visitors can soak up in the uproarious atmosphere of lively market. Unfortunately, Cai Be floating market is getting less bustling since the trade is shifting more to land-based market.

Cai Be Floating Market, Mekong Vietnam

Since the infrastructure has significantly been improved lately, the trade is gradually shifted to the island where fruits buyers can easily access to local gardens and buy directly from them. Therefore, the floating market may not be busy as you expected. Moreover, since the floating market is wholesales market that distribute to different places such as Saigon, Hanoi. Hence, the road transportation is preferred to keep the quality of the fruits.

Cai Be and around

Mekong cycling

Despite the fact that it’s less hectic every year, the remainder of authenticity of a local market is still something to appreciate. One thing that I love about floating market in Mekong is that you don’t have to worry about being push to buy or being ripped off. The floating market is wholesales so nobody tries to sell you anything, hence, making you feel a little local and have time to contemplate and learn about their daily lives.

Cai Be Floating Market

It doesn’t mean it’s any less fun in Cai Be where you can combine other activities such as taking sampan ride along canal. For us, cycling is the exciting way to explore Mekong region where you can ride around the island, visit fruit orchards and taste delicious tropical fruits while enjoying the trees cast their shadow on the ground.

Visit fruit orchards

Mekong region is home to cultures and customs which are totally different from the West. so why not spend the night at a homestay in Can Tho? Waking up by the early-morning sound of the country or the sampan’s engine of locals, you join your host, get up close and personal to locals in areas less accustomed to foreign visitors. Thus, you can embark on the beauty of culture differences with various activities such as gardening, fishing and cooking traditional foods.

Other floating markets

Chau Doc – Other floating markets, Vietnam

Don’t miss the chance to visit another Mekong’s highlight which is Cai Rang floating market if you plan to stay for a night. Wake up early for the market to tak in the sunrise view from your boat and join the river traffic filled with chock-full of big and small boats because Cai Rang is more hectic compared to Cai Be.

Close to the Cambodian border, Chau Doc is also a colourful floating market that is worth a visit. If you’ve managed to get this far through the delta, you can visit the area around Chau Doc, including Cham community Sam Mountain before venturing to Phnom Penh./.

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