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Banh Xeo (Vietnam Rice Pancake) – Vietnam cuisine blog

Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Rice Pancake)

Rice pancake is a popular dish of Vietnam and some countries in the world. However, every country and region has a different style and secondary ingredients. Among many kinds of Banh Xeo in Viet Nam, Banh Xeo of Can Tho is one of the most favorite pancakes of many people.

When you eat Banh Xeo here, you will feel that mixed flour liquid has good smell and greasy taste of coconut milk, the cover of Banh Xeo is yellow, thin, crispy and tasty with many kinds of ingredients inside including mince pork or duck meat, shrimp, bean sprouts, mung beans and others.

This cake is always served with a dozen kinds of vegetables and sour sweet fish sauce (fish sauce is mixed with sugar, lemon, garlic and chili). Of course, many food shops and restaurants at Can Tho are serving Banh Xeo such as 10 Xiem, Ngoc Ngan, Tan Dinh, Ho Sen, 7 Toi,…

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