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Vietnam Travel Blog – Best time of Year to visit Da Nang

Da Nang City is located in monsoon tropical climate zone. The weather is cool down from December through February. Da Nang’s wet season lasts longly from May to January with annual rainfall levels of 500-1000 millimeters. Most people avoid rain season because you may have to stay in a hotel and sometimes, you get storm when coming here. The dry season lasts from February to April. This is the best time to visit Da Nang, when the skies are sunier and humid. Sunny bright days are perfect for a beach visit.

Da Nang City at Night, Vietnam

Da Nang city is located in the Central of Vietnam with the Sa Huynh culture traditions. Da Nang is famous for Ba Na Hill. It is located 1,487 meters above sea level in the Truong Son mountain range. Ba Na Hill is considered the second Da Lat or Sapa of Vietnam with cool climate, unspoiled forest and spectacular views. Thanks to a new cable system that was officially opened on 25th March, 2009, Ba Na Hill attracts more and more locals and tourists.

My Khe, beautiful beach in Da Nang, Vietnam

Coming to Da Nang Vietnam, you can visit Marble Mountains. It includes five moutains such as Kim Son (Mountain of Metal), Moc Son (Mountain of Wood), Thuy Son (Mountain of Water), Hoa Son (Mountain of Fire), and Tho Son (Mountain of Earth).It repesents 5 elements of universe: metal, wood, water, fire and earth. Besides, tourists can relax on the beaches of Da Nang City. My Khe is one of the most beautiful beach in Da Nang with a nine kilometer stretch of smooth sand. This beach is ideal for convalescence and relaxation. There are many pogodas in Da Nang City such as Phap Lam pogoda, Tam Bao pogoda, Quan Am pogoda, Ling Ung Pogoda. Coming to Da Nang, tourists can buy many things made of marble stone in the Non Nuoc village such as earings, necklaces, vases, etc.

Ling Ung Pogoda in Da Nang, Vietnam

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