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Vietnam Travel Blog – Best time of Year to Visit Hue

Hue is famous for culture heritage with palaces, Royal Tombs of Kings and Temples. There are many beautiful places in Hue such as rivers, mountains, high hills. Beside historical relisc, Hue was attracted tourists by romantic and poetic landscapes. Perfume River and Ngu Binh mountain are considered s symbol of Hue city.

Hue Imperial City, Vietnam

Located in the Central of Vietnam, Hue was influenced by Southwest wind flow from Laos, so Hue is lotter than its neighbours. In May and September, the weather is hottest. Rain is the rest of Hue. It often rains dogs and cats in November and December. You should bring raincoat or umbrella whenever going out. You are always adviced to do not visit Hue in rainy season, but I think that Hue’s rainy season has its interesting particular feature. You can walk in the rain and feel the endless of space and time, poetic delight of love and life. There are many songs and poems written about Hue rains. They are really lyric works for people today. Besides you can avoid the heat of Hue’s summer. In fact, the best time to visit Hue city is between March and April, when the weather is warm and the rains have yet to start and climate is not to hot. It is comfortable for tourists to visit landscaps ans enjoy cuisin in Hue City.

Truong Tien Bridge in Hue, Vietnam

Coming to Hue city, you can look at cultural festival held annually such as Nam Giao workship cerymony, praying for good weather, good life in the city, Hue festival is organized on time of two years. This festival is a chance to introduce Hue’s people, beautiful landscapes and cultural value to friends both demestic and international./.

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