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Vietnam Travel Blog – Travelling with Kids in Vietnam

Travelling with young kids can be challenging due to all the responsibilities. But as for us, it is the perfect time to travel when our kids are young enough to be excited to explore everything and old enough to carry their own packs. In fact, it is always a good time showing our kids the world and created a whole new experience.

Travelling with Kids in Vietnam

Is this safe for kids travelling Vietnam and Indochina?

Saigon Street Eats is a street food tour that is a must when visiting Saigon

Yes, definitely. Vietnam and other neighbours offer fair medical and healthcare services, especially in main cities. It is advisable to bring full supply of any necessary medicine.

You can avoid the threat of diarrhea and other related diseases by sticking to the safe drinking and eating habits. You will have plenty of chance to enjoy street food since Palm Vietnam Travel chosen local restaurants are careful selected. Also, you can avoid drinking tap water in Vietnam and Indochina since bottled water is widely distributed to purchase.

You expect to see a seemingly chaotic sea of motorbikes if you travel to Hanoi. However, our guides will brief you about how to deal with the traffic. It may be quite a challenge at first for pedestrians but once you know the rules you will get used to it.

What you learn

Family Travel with kids in Vietnam

With your children accompany, you can see a different part of local people. Asian, especially Vietnamese people are very open to share their personal life and friendly with children. So you will find locals’ friendly smiles or a conversation on a shared thing are naturally flowed with nothing strange remained.

Children are naturally curious about everything. So surrounded by tons of unfamiliar things in foreign countries, you will see your kids make their own experiences with local people, foods and cultures which then later, tell their own stories. You will find it really fascinating to see the world through their eyes, wander in their imagination and see what they interested in. You kids may like what you find very boring and vice versa so you and your kids get inspired from each other to learn and see different perspectives making the experience a lot more memorable.

What your kids learn

With the exposure to cultural diversity, your kids are inspired to learn and be open-minded to embrace others’ differences, gradually, learning to respect different cultures. Moreover, the living condition varies in many parts of Vietnam as well as other developing countries so being close to local people can help your children picture the deprivation of same-age peers in remote and isolated areas, especially ethnic minorities which then learning to value what they have.

A trip can get your kids distracted and shift their attention to family to soak up in the natural beauty, charm of local people, cultures and great outdoor activities. Meeting new people and staying in different environment can help enhance the ability to adapt to changes regarding physical and cultural aspects. For instance, experiencing the reverse cultures and making new friends can prepare them for any struggles in the near future regarding the cultural differences.

Suggested places to visit for family

The ideal time to travel is from November to April when the weather is comfortably cool. Palm Vietnam Travel trip styles vary from culture to adventure, from cruise to nature which involves different level of physical activities for different age range. Here are some suggestions to name but a few for your family to not only explore the most of Vietnam but also have great time spending outdoor:

• Ha Long Bay: children under 12 years old will definitely love our cruise trip to Halong bay with spectacular seascape of limestone pillars, caves. meet friendly fishermen and get up close to their daily life when visiting their floating fish village. enjoy various activities such as swimming and kayaking.

Halong Bay – Majestic Water

• Ninh Binh: a short and enjoyable trek of approximately 9km to Cuc Phuong National Park are perfectly suitable for children who love to learn about wildlife and habitat. then wander on a local boat trip to Trang An.

Ninh Binh, Vietnam

• Sapa: for children over 12 years old, a Sapa trekking trip is a perfect to learn about different ethnic minorities and see spectacular yet hidden parts of Vietnam.

Sapa – Heaven Town in the Cloud

• Mekong Delta: to experience the mighty Mekong and daily life of local people along the banks, then flying to beautiful tropical Phu Quoc beach to explore the marine biology.

Mekong Delta Floating Market

• Hoi An – Da Nang: Enjoy your beach getaway in Da Nang after getting a glimpse of the ancient town of Hoi An.

Walking Tours in Hoi An, Vietnam

At the end of the trip, you and your kids will be thankful to the valuable time spent together. It is not the destination that matters. When I travel with kids, I learn to live in the moment with all senses, to observe, to smell, taste and hear in different ways and mostly to value all the precious moments.

If you have any intention in mind, surprise your kids now with the upcoming international children’s day. Your kids are your ideal travel partners. If not, we hope this change your mind. Find helpful tips for travelling with your children in the link provided below./.

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