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Vietnam Travel Blog: Unique Cuisine in Halong Bay

Halong Bay Vietnam

In the opinion of many tourists who visited Halong Bay, one of the impression that they can enjoy the taste of seafood of Halong sea – cuisine in Halong. And, this potential has been developed by trading enterprises in Ha Long, make an impression with tourists coming to Halong Vietnam… Halong Bay isn’t stranger names by natural scenery and delicious dishes. With many kind of seafood that natural gift, the people in Ha Long also have many ways to processing. In Halong, many specialties have become well-known brands such as: Cha Muc Halong ( Dished made from grinded squid then fried. A special dish in Ha Long, Vietnam ), fish sauce Cai Rong, geoduck in Van Don, …

Coming to Ha Long, tourists have many options about the location to enjoy, such as on cruise ships visiting the bay, in restaurants, cafes, or at family friends, relatives etc…

Now, Discover Cuisine of Halong Vietnam with Palm Vietnam Travel.

Bun xao with Ngan (Austriella corrugata)

Bun xao with Ngan in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Speaking about the specialty of Halong Bay, many people often mention is Ngan first. There are many places in Ha Long Bay where have Ngan, Ngan in Bach Dang river is the tastiest, fattest. Ngan can be processed dishes such as Grilled, steamed, cooked porridge, fried with noodles or vegetables…

Blood cockle

Blood cockle in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Quang Ninh is not only famous for Ha Long Bay but also known for a wide variety of seafood. One of these species is blood cockle of Hung Yen. Blood cockle have hard shells, intestinal is red as blood, is very nutritious food.

Grilled Calamari with Steamed Rolled Pancakes

Grilled Calamari with Steamed Rolled Pancakes

In all the coastal regions of Vietnam, squid can be found. Those in Nha Trang are renowned for their large size, while in Ha Long they are famous for their original taste. Squid is usually sun-dried and then grilled, or also browned in fat.

Processing chả mực (chopped and grilled squid) requires clever hands and experience, from choosing the squids to dissecting its bowels, ink-vesicles and removing the outer skin. Ingredients are added, its flesh is pounded and finally it is cooked in fat. After browning it turns a deep yellow, and acquires a pervasive fragrance and sweet taste. It is often eaten with steamed rolled rice pancakes or with glutinous rice. In Ha Long City, there is a whole street of households specialized in making this dish near Bạch Ðằng Thearter called “Grilled Calamari With Steamed Rolled Pancakes Street” (phố chả mực bánh cuốn).

Ca Say of TienYen

Ca Say of TienYen

Ca Say is a hybrid of duck bred for many years in this locality. The inhabitants of Tien Yen cook the dish with a sweet-scented special sauce of fish and ginger. The flesh of Ca Say has a very unique flavour.

Sour pork hash and Shipworm soup of Quang Yen

Nem Chua Halong

The sour pork hash of Quảng Yên may be compared to other northern specialties of pounded pork products, but the species of shipworm in Quảng Yên can not to be found anywhere else but in the currents of the Chanh River.

Horseshoe Crab of Halong

Horseshoe Crab of Halong

Coming to Ha Long Bay, you have been enjoyed grilled calamari, the dish made from Ngan then you can not ignore a seafood specialties here, Horseshoe Crab, nutritious delicious food./.

Palm Vietnam Travel – Posted by Ms.Jessica