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Food & markets of Vietnam – Travel Blog

Here are some images from Vietnam which we hope you enjoy when to travel to Vietnam with Palm Vietnam Travel.

Vietnamese spring rolls

Frog Leg Curry, Vietnam

Typical Vietnamese meal, Can Tho

‘Pho’ from Hanoi

Fruit seller, Hue

Vietnamese garnish of carrot and ginger

Rice cake, Mekong Delta

Snake wine, Sapa

Fruit of Mekong Delta

Local market, Sapa

Vegetable market, Saigon

Elephant fish from Mekong Delta

Dried specialities, Hanoi

Vietnamese dessert, Hoi An

‘Pho’ from Saigon

Local butcher taking a nap, Cao Bang

Shark fins, Saigon

Banana seller, Dalat

Vietnamese baguettes

Large prawn, Southern Vietnam

Chicken seller, Hanoi

Street market, Hanoi

Pineapple lady, Mekong Delta

Dried produce, Cho Binh Tay Market

Hanoi market

Candy making, Mekong Delta

Dragon fruit plant, Phan Thiet

Vietnamese condiments

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