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Guide for travel to Danang Vietnam – Travel blog

Danang City is located in middle of Central Vietnam, between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, separated from Laos by the western Truong Son Mountains. It is embraced by the East Sea with 150km of seacoast. With over one millions people, Danang is the largest City of Central Vietnam where the first U.S troops arrived in 1965. It is now the gate way to this region with Danang international airport. Even Danang is the largest city in Central Vietnam, tourism is not popular here as in Hoian and Hue which are much more popular. However, there are some fine resorts right on China Beach, Danang where you can stay and do tour to Hoian by a shuttle bus.

Dragon Bridge, Han River – Da Nang

Things you should do

• Visit to the Cham Museum • Climb up to Marble Mountains

• See how locals make marble statues of Giant Lions, Dragon, Buddha, and Jesus Christ

When to go

Danang is located in the zone of typical tropical monsoon, temperate and equable climate. The city’s weather bears the combination of the north and the south climate characters with the inclination to the former. There are two seasons: the wet from August to December and the dry season from January to July, cold waves are occasional but they are of average and short lasting. Average humidity is 83.4%. Average temperature is about 26ºC, the highest is 28-30ºC in June, July, August, the lowest is 18-23ºC in December, January, February. In Ba Na Mountain, the temperature is 20ºC. Average rainfall is 2,505mm per year that concentrates during October and November

Getting there & away

+ Flight: There are daily short flights between Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and Hanoi to Danang, and also from Danang to small cities like Dalat, Nha Trang, Ban Me Thuoc, and Pleiku.
+ Road: – Almost 1000 km away from Saigon – 1000 km away from Hanoi – 30 km away from Hoian – 65 km away from Myson Holly Land – Over 100 km away from Hue – 535 km away from Nha Trang

+ Train: Daily express train services are available from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Danang.

Where to stay

Furama Resort, 5 stars, from USD 200: The luxurious Furama Resort Danang is a true icon of Vietnam tourism. This 5-star haven on world-famous China Beach is celebrated as Vietnam’s most prestigious resort – counting royalty, presidents, movie stars and international business leaders among its celebrity guests. But the Furama is much more than an idyllic tropical retreat, it is also a premier base for exploring one of Asia’s most exciting new destinations – in the early days of being “discovered” by international tourism.

Son Tra Resort & Spa, 5 stars, from USD 150: The biggest resort in Da Nang, Son Tra Resort & Spa, a Complex of International Five Star Hotel and Villas with over 500 rooms invested by Son Tra Joint Stock Company, is planned to be completed in late 2006. The complex exclusively covers the area of 14.1 ha in land and 20.8 ha in sea, stretches along 1.6 kms of sandy beach and against rocky mountain. The whole setting is designed to ensure natural harmony as well as convenient and contemporary accommodations and furnishings.

Sandy Beach Resort, 4 stars, from USD 100: Situated on the Non Nuoc seaside, a famous beauty spot of Danang City with blue water & white sand, just 15 minutes drive from the City Centre to the South, Sandy Beach Hotel & Resort is an ideal destination for visitors to Danang City and the three World’s Cultural Heritages recognized by UNESCO including Hue Ancient Capital, My Son Relic Zone and Hoian Ancient Town. Sandy Beach Resort is a new development opened in September 2004.

What to see & do

Cham Museum: Champa is an ancient kingdom that used to occupy central and south Vietnam. Vietnam’s southward expansion, sadly, has come at the expense of the Chams. The building is used to be a Far estearn Studies in Vietnam. It’s all about the Old Champa Kingdom. The Cham Museum exhibits 300 original sandstone sculptures and some baked products collected from temples and towers that lie scattered from Quang Binh to Binh Thuan in central vietnam. The visit can be made as a stopover from Hue to Hoi An.

Marble Mountain: This mountain is so named because it is excavated for marble. There are many workshops and factories nearby which make marble sculptures and furniture. The five mountains consist of rock outcrops that are made of marble. Each mountain is said to represent a natural element and is named accordingly to Water. Wood, Fire, Gold and Earth. The largest, Water, has a number of grottos and caves. At the entrace of each cave, a torch is available for exploring./.

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