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Cu Chi Tunnels – Underground Villages | Vietnam travel blog

Cu Chi Tunnels – Underground Villages, Vietnam

Cuchi Tunnels, just 60 kilometers northwest of Saigon, lay on one of the most fascinating historical sights of Vietnam-American War. The beginnings of the Cu Chi tunnels date back to Vietnam’s struggle for independence from the French, but it was not until the Vietnam-American War that the tunnel network was widely expanded to cover a total distance of some 250 kilometers (170 miles).

A small part of this network has been restored and opened to visitors to cast a fascinating light on the lives of the Cu Chi guerrillas and their hideouts. Join Vantours for a visit to Cu Chi where we’ll take you underground to experience a glimmer of the conditions in which these people lived and fought.

If climbing through the tunnels holds no appeal, try sipping green tea and munching on some cassava – a guerrilla staple – in an underground. Many artifacts and recreations are also on display to give visitors an idea of the conditions, suffering and determination of the local people in their conflicts. You can have the real gun shooting experience of AK47, M16, M30, M60,… with extra charge of USD 1.5/bullet. The Tunnels have opened to public since 1990.

Some of you may not want to go to the Tunnels as you think the Tunnels are small. Yes, they are small tunnels, but it does not mean that we are in the Tunnels at all time, we are on the surface most of the time, just some who like to have the experience under ground, you can go down, but just few minutes only.

There are two openings of the Cuchi Tunnels, Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc. Ben Dinh is more popular as it is more original which where Vantours take you to.

Things you should do

• Shoot the real guns. • Get into the Tunnels as you can.

• Try V.C Viagra, a kind of Snake Whisky.

When to go:

This is the most popular site from Saigon, so many visitors come to visit everydays, the best time to visit is early by 08.00pm to start from Hotel or in the afternoon, if you are not morning persons. 40 miles or 60 km away from Saigon, 90 minutes drive.

Tours to Cuchi Tunnels: The tour to Cuchi Tunnels from Saigon is about 5 hours in total, if you don’t have much time in Saigon, then you can combine Cuchi Tunnels and Saigon City tour in one day tour. The total tour of Tunnels only takes 5 hours. Or if you like to have a long day tour, you can combine Cuchi Tunnles and Caodai Temple.

Tips: Bring along with you hat, flash light, sun block, mosquito spray. Wear something light and cover your knees as you plan to go inside the Tunnels, and walking shoes./.

Palm Vietnam Travel – Posted by Jackie Nguyen