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Beer Culture – A must-try Experience in Vietnam – Blog

Vietnam has been far famous for its unique and varied natural beauties, associated with the vigorous changes in people’s life. Apart from these, the richness in culture also appears as Vietnam’s enchantment. It promises a journey with full of wonderful hands-on experiences. Hence, there is a joke that: “Once visiting Vietnam, beside “Pho”, “Beerculture” is the other experience that you must try ever in your life”.

Saigon Beer Vietnam

Since its first introduction in the 1900s, beer has become the favorite beverage to most of Vietnamese people. By the time, to some extents, beer is gradually recognized an irreplaceable part of Vietnamese culture. The analytical evidencesalso show that the amount of beer consumption in Vietnam can exceed any other countries. Even though “Beer” culture in Vietnam may bear some resemblances to that in other places, it can still be distinguished by extraordinary features.

Firstly, in Vietnam, you can feel “Beer” culture in every corner, at anytime. Regardless of morning, lunch, afternoon, evening or even at night, it is not hard to witness dozens of people having beer. The locals suppose thatone cup of beer can help to live up the mood and cool down pressure of their daily life. Therefore, they are willing to stop by any shop available, just to take a drink. It can be said that beer-drinking culture has completely been a milestone in Vietnamese life. Another difference is that the price of beer here is surprisingly cheap. Just an average of 12,000 VND (approximately $0.5), you can afford a cup of tasty beer. Basically, spending only $1 can help you to get over the humid and hot weather of Vietnam in the summer refreshingly. Additionally, accompanied foods like peanut with shell or fried sour roll are also offered at reasonable price.

The Drinking Culture of Vietnam

Moreover, within that range of budget, various types of beer are offered. Visitors are free to choose among fresh beer – so-called as Bia hoi among the locals, canned beer (Hanoi, 333, Saigon), so on and so forth. Meanwhile, with higher price, you can try famous beer, made by foreign technology-based assembly from Czech and Germany. However, the most special thing about Vietnam Beer culture lies in different ways people enjoy it.

Some Vietnamese locals prefers to go in groups, sit in a round, have a chit chat and drink beer on the street, while the others choose to spend time in splendid restaurants.

Enjoying Bia Hoi in Hanoi, Vietnam

Small sidewalk beer shops in the Old Quarter seem to be always packed of locals and foreigners as well.It is the mostly beloved places to enjoy beer among young locals in the beat of live music.Hardly can you find any similar places in the world that owns that kind of unique sight and atmosphere.

Bia Hoi Vietnam

Visitors also comment that Beer in sidewalk shops, located on the narrow street is one of the precious experiences they have ever had in their trips to Vietnam. Perhaps, only when you are on the site, sitting side-by-side and hearing “1,2,3 Yo-Yo” cheers, you can actually feel the greatness of this culture. Do not worry about the language barriers, because the locals here are able to handle communication with foreigners well. Last but not least, the fact that every one, despite of age, gender and generation can gather to enjoy beer also contributes to the increasing significance of Beer culture in Vietnam. No need of special promotions and festival, beer drinking is simplya daily life activity that all Vietnamese people can share. In another way, Beer culture has spread all over the corner of Vietnamese life, strengthened social bonds and deepened culture richness. Viewing through culture lens, it encompasses all the prerequisite conditions for treasured value representing Vietnam culture.

It is definitely worth trying even for once. Why don’t you come and get it now?

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