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Tours in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanma

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Travel experience in Vietnam – Where to go and what to see

  • Even though Hoi An has a reputation as a town that turns its lights off early, there are two factors that make it an attractive nightlife location: Number one, you can walk everywhere here as it’s small enough for a night out without the need of wheels and indeed the centre is pedestrian only – this in a country that adores motorbikes. Number two, the beer in Vietnam is about the cheapest in the world – making just about anywhere in the country party central if you wish it to be. Read more

  • In Vietnam’s northern highlands, ethnic tribes descend from the mountains every week, tramping for miles to sell a water buffalo, haggle over medicinal herbs or bargain for pineapples not much bigger than your fist. At Tuesday’s Coc Ly market, members of the Flower Hmong ethnic group turn out in all their finery with babies lolling on their backs in intricately embroidered slings. The bold colors of their traditional costumes glow even brighter once you’ve sampled a sip of fiery rice whiskey, sold from a gasoline can. Read more

  • One of the first things people do on arrival in Nha Trang is to head straight down to the beach. And what a beach! Facing east out over the East Sea and palm lined, it’s definitely a place to hang out. Because of this there are a lot of water-based activities such as diving and snorkeling as well as sailing when the weather permits. A fast-growing destination, you can be sure that Nha Trang will change from year to year. Read more

  • Cruise amongst thousands of limestone islands on Halong Bay. Sit with the deaf and mute workers that run the Healing the Wounded Heart shop as they show you how to make your own souvenir. Explore Hoi An’s ancient streets, filled with historic buildings, tailors and boutiques, and delectable cuisine. Read more

  • Many of the best attractions in Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) centre around the events of 20th century war and conquest. It sounds sombre, and in parts it is, but there are some truly fascinating historical activities suitable for all ages. From classic French architecture to perfectly maintained American war planes, walking around Ho Chi Minh is like seeing the past come to life with so many famous places of interest scattered throughout the city. Read more

  • From must-do activities like cruising around Halong Bay or crawling through the Cu Chi Tunnels to brag-worthy feats like drinking snake wine or scuba diving in the South China Sea, here are 40 unforgettable experiences to have in Vietnam. See how many you can check off on your trip. Read more

  • Hanoi is not world famous for its nightlife and some visitors find it outright staid but there are some places worth checking out and – as everywhere – it’s all out there if you look for it. Perhaps the most prolific side to Hanoi’s after-work activities is its many beer bars selling ‘bia hoi (fresh beer) where a glass costs a fraction of what it would in the west. One famous travel guide claims that US$10 will buy you (and hopefully your friends) 100 beers! Read more

  • Vietnam is like a supermodel during Paris Fashion Week – long, thin and a bit wibbly. To see the best of the country a journey up (or down) the coast is a must and one of the top road (well mostly rail actually) trips to take on your South East Asian adventure. Here we profile some of the key destinations on the route, how to get from A to B to sea, and pick out some hidden gems along the way. Hold on to your conical hats… Read more

  • Da Nang has miles of beaches, resulting in plenty of swimming opportunities from May to August when the sea is calm but for those who simply cannot wait to get wet the city also features an exciting water park – the first built in the country. In this mild climate a game of golf is a pleasure and Da Nang certainly delivers with three professionally designed courses with great views and facilities. Read more

  • There are plenty of guide books which outline the best tourist sites to visit on your Vietnam holiday, but we personally love hearing about real travel experiences and tips from other travellers who have explored all the best places first hand. Emma visited Vietnam in early 2012 and shares her top 5 experiences not to be missed, alongside a couple of her Vietnam travel snaps… Read more