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Tours in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanma

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Vietnam travel tips – Things to do travelling in Vietnam

  • Vietnam had been on our travel wish-list for some time, not only because it was where Hai was born but because almost every traveler we met raved about it, and we can understand why. We spent three weeks traveling from the south to the north. It’s do-able but we’d recommend a month if you have it to cover the long distances and account for delays. Here are our top picks from our time in this wonderfully chaotic and colorful nation. Read more

  • Travelling with young kids can be challenging due to all the responsibilities. But as for us, it is the perfect time to travel when our kids are young enough to be excited to explore everything and old enough to carry their own packs. In fact, it is always a good time showing our kids the world and created a whole new experience. Read more

  • Mai Chau feels a million miles away from the bustle of Hanoi. Misty mountains and emerald rice paddies contribute to the air of peacefulness. Be sure to look out for the traditional fabrics woven by the White Thais that call this area home. Read more

  • Da Nang City is located in monsoon tropical climate zone. The weather is cool down from December through February. Da Nang’s wet season lasts longly from May to January with annual rainfall levels of 500-1000 millimeters. Most people avoid rain season because you may have to stay in a hotel and sometimes, you get storm when coming here. The dry season lasts from February to April. This is the best time to visit Da Nang, when the skies are sunier and humid. Sunny bright days are perfect for a beach visit. Read more

  • Ho Chi Minh City is truly a shopping paradise, whether you are looking for bespoke fashion, local silks or even handcrafted lacquerware. As the world becomes one big shopping mall of international brands, Ho Chi Minh retains its love of boutique fashion and one off collections – and all at a fraction of what you might pay for any of the European or Japanese brands. Here are our top 10 picks of the best fashion boutiques in the city: Read more

  • Vietnam is a unique nation that has become synonymous with success, growth and adventure. The countrymen call their motherland “The Land of Dragons”. Vietnam is a land of history filled with memory of many told and untold events. The great theme of modern Vietnamese history is the Vietnam’s war of Independence and reunification. Read more

  • Hanoi is a capital of Vietnam. Probably, Ha Noi is considered the most beautiful in Asia. Ha Noi will be the first destination for foreigners when coming to Vietnam. Representing tropical monsoon type of Northern of Vietnam, Ha Noi has a hot summer with high rainfall and dry cold winter. Thanks to transition months, Ha Noi still experiences distinct four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Read more

  • The tourist industry is quite new for the fishing villages of Mui Ne and Phan Thiet, but they are catching up fast, with souvenir shops opening almost every week. Products include handicrafts such as embroidery, paintings, lacquer ware, blankets, scarves, handbags and ceramics. Many of these products are created in the ancient Cham style, making them unique and special. It is also fun to explore the local market. Don’t forget to try favorite local fruits such as Dragon Fruit. Read more

  • The most concerning issue for foreign travelers when visiting Vietnam is to find a convenient and reasonable-priced accommodation. That’s why we would like to introduce here the accommodation system in Vietnam which comprises a wide range of hotels and hostels ranking from five-star ones to budget ones. The most common choice of accommodation for foreigners visiting Vietnam would be Vietnam hotels. Read more

  • Hue is famous for culture heritage with palaces, Royal Tombs of Kings and Temples. There are many beautiful places in Hue such as rivers, mountains, high hills. Beside historical relisc, Hue was attracted tourists by romantic and poetic landscapes. Perfume River and Ngu Binh mountain are considered s symbol of Hue city. Read more