Is smoking allowed on La Regina Legend Cruise ?

by palm-admin

Smoking on board  is among the important topics that many travelers want to know before boarding, either they are for or against it.

It is a strict rule that there is no smoking allowed in cabins and indoor areas, even with e-cigarette. You can smoke in designated areas on the open decks, like sundeck or outdoor bars.

If you are a smoker and your cabin has a private balcony, ask your cruise manager if you are allowed to smoke in the balcony.

You can be fined if found smoking in the prohibited areas, but the higher risk is to confront other passengers, even if you are smoking in the designated areas or in your private balcony where smoking is allowed.

You may not know Smoke often drifts back when the cruise is moving forward, and smoke drifts to other passengers’ personal space or the non-smoking area in the same deck or other balcony users. Fire is the most dangerous hazard on any ship, no matter how shallow the water or how few passengers it carries. If you do smoke, be considerate and be sure that the ashes are totally cool before you leave the area.

Cigarettes, cigars, and pipe tobacco must be properly disposed of and never thrown overboard.


Written by palm-admin